When I was 10 or 11, I took my diary – an old, puffy vinyl-covered remnant of my angst-filled elementary school years – and carefully wrapped it in a ziploc bag before throwing it in the trash. When an archeologist discovered it, hundreds of years in the future, I wanted it to be in good enough condition for them to read it, and know exactly what life was like for a young girl living at the end of the 20th century.

So it’s no wonder, with my precocious tendencies, that by the age of 14 I was struggling through the rudiments of genealogy in libraries and early Internet chat forums. My skills at researching have improved since that time, but the drive and motivation to know who the people were who made me possible today is still strong.

Enjoy reading and learning more about my family – who knows, maybe it’s yours as well!

Major Family Lines:

Greene – Rhode Island (distant cousin of Major General Nathanael Greene)
Williams – Rhode Island (direct descendant of states’s founder Roger Williams)

Brodhead – New York (direct descendant of General Daniel Brodhead)
Heiner – Germany / Pennsylvania
Depuy/Depuis – French Huguenots / Netherlands / New York
Roosa – Netherlands / New York
Core/Kohr – Rhineland, Germany / Pennsylvania / Maryland / Virginia

Getze/Goetz – Germany / Pennsylvania / California
Kennedy – Scotland / Western Pennsylvania
Gelbach – Germany / Pennsylvania
Goehring – Germany / Pennsylvania

McKay/McRae – Scotland / North Carolina / Alabama
Rutherford – Virginia / North Carolina / Georgia

Elliott – Scotland / Ireland / Pennsylvania (two separate branches)
Stevenson – Ireland / Pennsylvania (James Stevenson, b. 1755)
Stewart – Ireland / Pennsylvania (George Stewart, b.
Devecka – Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia (than Hungary) / Pennsylvania


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